Cultivated meat in the Swedish parliament

Big success! Today we organized the first cross party meeting ever about the potentials with cultivated meat. The meeting took place in Swedish parliament today. 6 out of 8 parties were around the table. With cultivated meat we have a great potential for a better food system; reduced GHG emissions, less water usage and no animal harmed. And to a great taste!

Thanks all for participating and thanks for inspiring presentations Robert Jones, Mosa Meat, Camilla Björkbom, Eurogroup for Animals, Elena Walden, Good Food Institute and Gustav Johansson Chou Chou.

Personally I am looking forward to my parliamentary debate about cultivated meat with minister Anna-Caren Sätherberg (S). Friday 10/6 in riksdagen (Swedish parliament).

The seminar that was organized today:

Cultivated meat – the food for future
To 2/6, at 8.00-9.00
Room RÖ7-23, Riksdagen

The animal industry is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and resource consumption, not to mention the millions of animals slaughtered each year to become food. Is it possible to solve these problems but still be allowed to eat the meat? A couple of years ago, the idea of cultivated meat appeared as science fiction, but today it is a reality. There are currently about 100 companies in the world that have technology for producing cultivated meat. In 2020, cultivated meat from chicken cells was sold commercially in Singapore. In Europe, it is not yet possible to sell cultivated meat as it is seen as a novel food that must first be approved by the EU and the Member States. Later this year, the first applications to sell cultivated meat are expected to be submitted to the EU Food Authority EFSA.
On April 25, Europe’s first public symposium on cultivated meat was held: ”Cultivated meat: the novel food technology which could help animals and the planet” in Brussels. The possibilities of cultivated meat are now being discussed around Europe, and now the opportunity has come to the Swedish Parliament.

Is cultivated meat the solution to animal suffering, greenhouse gas emissions, resource consumption? What is the role of politics? We are proud to invite you to what we believe is the Riksdag’s first seminar on the theme of cultivated meat.

A very warm welcome!

Jens Holm (V), Maria Stockhaus (M), Per-Arne Håkansson (S)

Cultivated meat – the food for future
To 2/6, at 8.00-9.00
Room RÖ7-23

Cultivated meat – that’s how it works and the upcoming permit process
Robert Jones, Head of Public Affairs, Mosa Meat, Europe’s leading company in cultivated meat. Today, they have a technology ready for growing meat and can in the near future scale up production to meet increased needs. Jones is also chairman of the newly formed industry association for cultivated meat Cellular Agriculture Europe.

Cultivated meat sustainable food system, effects on animals and antibiotic resistance
Camilla Björkbom, Political Adviser Food Policy, Eurogroup for Animals

Cultivated meat – what´s going on in other countries
Elena Walden, Policy Manager, Good Food Institute

Comments by Gustav Johansson, chef Chou Chou.