IPCC – a wake up call

IPCC AR6 Synthesis Report on Climate Change – A wake up call for the world

It´s urgent but we can do it. That´s how I read IPCC´s latest report on the climate crisis. More than ever IPCC underlines the importance of renewable energy, solar and wind, and the role of forests, wetlands and the sea as carbon sinks. And; the urgent need for social and economical justice. So, the strong political message:

  1. Phase out fossil energy and 100% focus on solar and wind.
  2. Let the forest grow – don´t convert it into sterile fields for bio energy.
  3. Restore wetlands and other natural important areas, and overall restore and develop biodiversity which is crucial to alleviate climate crisis..
  4. Transition must start from the top and include everyone. Taxes, regulations and other limitations on the over consumption at the world´s top 10% is efficient climate AND social policy. Climate justice, please.
  5. Loads of money needed to climate transition – but the money is here: Stop funding what makes bad (fossil energy, animal factories, aviation, irresponsible elite spendings etc) and redirect investments to just climate transition (renewables, public transport, fresh water, schools, plant based food etc).

IPCC AR6; compulsory reading for the worlds politicians, journalists, CEOs, teachers, sportsmen, students and others. ”Summary for policy makers” is enough.