We need a plant based treaty

Badly needed: A Plantbased Treaty. This was launched at COP26 in Glasgow, and I was there. We all know the detrimental effects of animal industries; for the animals, ecosystems, health and, not the least, climate. Unfortunately the COP summits have not yet put enough focus on the negative impact from consumption of meat and dairy products. The launch of the Plantbased treaty was one of the most promising events at COP26.

Hopefully next COP, in Egypt, will be ready to agree on a target of reduced consumtion of animal products and a shift towards more plant based food. This could be done either by adopting a separate document, such as a separate Plantbased treaty or adding the need for a plantbased shift in to existing treaties such as the methane pledge and into the general text that will be adopted in Sharm el Sheik.

Looking forward to put plant based shift on the climate agenda.