Give the Peace Prize to Snowden

We nominate today whistleblower Edward Snowden to the Nobel Peace Prize. Please find our nomination here: EdwardSnowdenNomination2018-01-17 or below.

17 January 2018

To the Members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee:

We write to nominate Edward Joseph Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Alfred Nobel intended that the Peace Prize would promote disarmament. Today, militaries around the world place ever greater emphasis on engagement in cyberspace, with its almost unlimited possibilities for spying, disruption, and destruction. No one has sounded the alarm more eloquently than Edward Snowden as regards military encroachment upon the world’s systems of electronic communication, and how such encroachment violates rights of privacy and threatens the continued existence of democracy.

Edward Snowden became one of history’s great whistleblowers when he revealed to leading journalists that the United States conducts all-encompassing mass surveillance around the world. In a conscientious and responsible manner, he exposed a system in which the phone, internet and other communications of individuals and whole nations are intercepted and permanently stored. Snowden insisted that it must be up to an informed global citizenry to decide whether they wish to live in a world in which they are constantly monitored by the United States military. With courage and careful judgment, he initiated a global debate about surveillance systems that operate beyond democratic control and the rule of law.

Snowden’s contribution is of particular importance today, when the American military’s capacities for interception and disruption in cyberspace are under the authority of a new commander-in-chief. President Donald J. Trump has shown little willingness to respect legal or ethical limits on the use of his power. Snowden, by contrast, is a person who perhaps more than anyone else alive symbolizes the importance of citizens who endeavor to place limits on the abuses of centralized military power. It is therefore a particularly suitable moment to award the Nobel Prize for Peace to Edward Snowden.

Yours truly,

Jens Holm, Member of Parliament, Sweden
Annika Lillemets, Member of Parliament, Sweden
Lotta Johnsson Fornarve, Member of Parliament, Sweden
Carl Schlyter, Member of Parliament, Sweden
Amineh Kakabaveh, Member of Parliament, Sweden
Valter Mutt, Member of Parliament, Sweden
Yasmine Posio, Member of Parliament, Sweden






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  1. Profilbild för Felix Gehrmann
    Felix Gehrmann

    Massive respect from Germany!

  2. Profilbild för jensholm

    Thank you!

  3. Profilbild för Kaifa

    Please add my nomination of Edward Snowden to the list. The personal burden and risk he undertook to maintain the rights of the world’s citizenry to the personal dignity of and control over their own lives cannot be under- estimated. His practically single- handed determination, his steadfastness in the face of his own condition; his foresight, planning and execution in exposing the gross (technological)tyranny and corruption of the American N. S.A and other sordid spy organizations makes him the exceptional hero of our time. He took upon the reality of exile so that we can all hope to live in a more equitable world . Spys have no greater worth than disease- spreading flies and should be treated accordingly. Edward Snowden continues to deliver even under still very difficult circumstances. In him, the Nobel Peace Prize would always find a worthy bearer.