Great news from Iceland

Below a short note I wrote for my GUE/NGL-friends.

You have probably already heard about the results from this week-ends electon in Iceland. Our sister party: Left Green (VG) increased from 14 to 21.7 per cent, making them the third biggest party. They and the Socialdemocrats, 29.8, have now a comfortable majority.

The Left Green has been the only party which has been firmly against the neo-liberal politics on the island. Today more and more realize they been right all the time. The new political ”Civil Movement” got about 7 per cent. That is also a promising and interesting expression from the Icelandic people.
A possible EU accession could be one tricky issue in the future. The Left Green are against, the Socialdems in favour. The Iclandics have historically always been against, with the exception for some recent polls showing that a majority was in favour. Today that EU entusiasm have probably gone back substantially (a new poll showed that).
Please see the results:

The Left Green


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