is now on the web

meatclimate_vertical_jens.jpgWe have just launched:, on which the report The Livestock Industry and Climate – EU makes Bad Worse can be found on eight different languages.

Toivo from Sweden, Jennifer from Spain, Herma from Germany/Belgium and och Zdenek from the Czech republic.

Indeed very good atmosphere, with activists from Spain, Czech republik, Germany, UK, Sweden and the Netherlands. Among others the conservative MEP Edward McMillan-Scott showed up. He has just launched the ”green card” for vegetarianism. An unexpected but very welcomed allied.

A lot of thanks to all of you that have participated in making this report possible in so many different languages!






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  1. Profilbild för Ema

    Simply wonderful.Keep going in this direction.People need this kind of political personel in this time of urgent need to solve global warming,disasters, disseases and poverty.Simply, by being vegi.Then everything else will cool down.Thank you so much for your wonderful work.With best wishes,Ema