Climate committee: reduce meat consumption

Big success in today´s vote at the Climate Committee:
The excact wording here (text first in Swedish, then English).

Brussels, 02/12/2008

A report voted today by the European Parliament’s Temporary Committee on Climate Change, drawn up by Conservative MEP Karl Heinz Florenz, concludes the work of this committee by putting forward a series of recommendations for a future EU integrated policy on climate change.

Speaking after the vote, Roberto Musacchio (GUE/NGL, Italy),  Vice-Chair of the Committee, said he was satisfied with the report which he said stresses the importance of adopting sectoral targets on energy efficiency as well as using public procurement to support renewable energies. ”I am particularly satisfied that nuclear energy is not considered as an alternative or renewable energy contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions,” he said.

Expressing his satisfaction that the Committee had approved a reduction in meat consumption, particularly in the industrialised world, Jens Holm (GUE/NGL, Sweden), shadow rapporteur for GUE/NGL, said that the meat industry was one of the ”world’s greatest climate villains. It’s almost historical to get such a wide support for the demand to reduce meat consumption”.

The Climate Committee also decided to sharpen the reduction target for GHGs in the EU by demanding reductions of about 25-40 percent by 2020 and of at least 80 percent by 2050. ”We in the GUE/NGL group would have preferred to get support for more stringent reduction targets, but this is a reasonable compromise. Now it is up to the EU to deliver,” he said.

The report also highlighted the fact that poor countries are hardest hit by climate change and demanded significant increases in financial support for work being done on climate issues in developing countries. ”It is the rich countries which have caused the climate problem and therefore they have to solve it. It is good that the committee clearly recognises the need for substantial increases in resources for the world’s poor,” MEP Holm said.

For his part, GUE/NGL MEP Dimitrios Papadimoulis said that the report adopted by the Temporary Committee on Climate Change establishes important guidelines for future EU policies and sets ambitious long-term and intermediary targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions. ”I am particularly pleased that the report explicitly asks the Council to come with a common position on the proposed directive on soil protection and desertification.”







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  1. Profilbild för choopixie

    Wow, this is really great news! It’s wonderful that the European Parliament is taking the leadership role to address the single most important cause of climate change – livestock raising and meat consumption.

  2. Profilbild för zizhu

    good work, we should all do the same ,be veg, go green, save the planet!

  3. Profilbild för Wei Bird
    Wei Bird

    courageous desicion. Will benefit our and future generations.

  4. Profilbild för Jan

    I learned about this inspiring news from Supreme Master Television. And hereby came to say congratulations!! This is truly historical. I applause your dedication and heroic efforts!

    Not sure if you’re aware of this latest news. During a recent interview with Supreme Master Television, Dr. T. Colin Compbell, a renowned nutritional researcher and international bestselling author, informed the audience that the livestock industry generates 50% or more of greenhouse gases worldwide, not 18% as UN estimated before. The source of the number is World Bank. You may watch the video clip here:
    In light of this new number, reducing or ideally eliminating the meat ought to be the first priority for any government who truly cares for its people.
    Again, congratulations to you for your courage and foresight. Believe with God’s grace, more and more people will be inspired and wake up soon enough to save this beautiful planet.

  5. Profilbild för Grace

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your courage to keep telling people about the relationship between meat consumption and climate change. With leaders like you, who dare to stand up for the truth, this world will become a paradise.
    Thank you for your tireless and enthusiastic support for the vegan diet, and for helping to save our earth!