Global climate action fails to set clear targets

G8 agreement on post-Kyoto global climate action fails to set clear targets

Yesterday evening the leaders of the G8 in their Summit Declaration stated that they ”would seriously consider” the earlier decision made by the European Union to reduce global emissions by half by 2050. However, with no clear or binding targets set the declaration is rather weak and empty. This is very disappointing and it once again confirms that the US is still not ready to make the necessary commitments to tackle global climate change. On a positive note, a political mandate is now set and hopefully this could trigger the first round of post-Kyoto negotiations in Bali in December this year. They also stressed their willingness to continue and enhance cooperation with and support for developing countries in adapting to climate change. Yet these countries need financial support and no such promise was made.

Dimitri Papadimoulis, Roberto Musacchio and Jens Holm (GUE/NGL MEPs in the Temporary Committee on Climate Change) stressed that ”once again world leaders failed to deliver what citizens around the world expect. They are trying to portray the G8 Summit Declaration on climate as a strong agreement. This is absolutely nonsensical. We don’t need declarations without commitments. We have had enough of them. Nor do we need the cosmetic acceptance from the Bush administration. What we need, if we want to proceed, are binding targets, timetables and concrete action. Away from the headlines, the Bush administration will go on, as it has done in the past, taking every opportunity to derail international action on climate change. When will Bush take his responsibility in the fight against climate change and sign on to the Kyoto-protocol?”






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    Give please. Oh, I don’t blame Congress. If I had $600 billion at my disposal, I’d be irresponsible, too.
    I am from Poland and also am speaking English, tell me right I wrote the following sentence: ”Purchase your airline ticket and trip.”

    THX :(, Panthea.