Colombia conference, my speech

My speech in todays conference on Colombia.
More info about the conference: English, Spanish.

English Colombia_speech_JensHolm2007-04-18.rtf
Spanish Colombia_ponencia_EP_Holm2007-04-18.doc
Swedish Colombia_anförande_EP2007-04-13.doc






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  1. Profilbild för Carlos Palacio
    Carlos Palacio

    Dear Sir

    I have read in, that since you were a student you have known about Colombia’s fake democracy. I have recently known about you and I am just starting to react to our image outside of our country. I know we have a lot of problems but I am respectfully asking you to answer to my messages so we can discuss about Colombia’s reality, seen through the eyes of a middle class engineer who loves Colombia and wants a peaceful life, where children can once again be raised without being afraid of damages.

    Once you have answered this message I will gladly answer any questions and I hope you will also answer mine.

    I want you to know that I do not have any political preferences and I am a hard working civilian in Colombia. I will try my best to be objective in every way.

    Best regards

    Carlos Alberto Palacio R.