Brev om Marocko och Västsahara

Nedan och att ladda ned:WestSahara_FerreroW_lettter2008-08-27.doc

mitt och Eva-Britts brev till EU-kommissionen om Marocko och Västsahara.


2008-08-27          Brussels 

Benita Ferrero-Waldner
Commissioner for External Relation 
Dear Mrs Ferrero-Waldner,

Morocco has occupied the greater part of Western Sahara since 1975. West Saharan citizens who oppose the occupation live in a state of fear. There is significant evidence of torture, rape and arbitrary arrests. This has been documented by organisations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty international and the UN Commissioner for Human Rights.

In spite of this is, the EU is considering strengthening its relationship with Morocco. It is strange and regrettable that an organisation which often proclaims the importance of human rights, is considering upgrading its relationship with Morocco while the brutal occupation is ongoing.

We would like to urge the Commissioner to defend the fundamental principles of human rights, justice and non-discrimination, as well as to conduct a extensive survey of human rights violations which are being carried out by the Moroccan authorities against West Saharan citizens.

Yours sincerely,


Jens Holm    Eva-Britt Svensson
Members of the European Parliament