Strict demands for the aviation sector

This press release went out today. 

The Environment committee calls on strict demands for the aviation sector
The  Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety does not give in to the Council and remains firms that strict carbon dioxide reduction measures must apply to the aviation sector. Today, in second reading, the committee voted on the proposal to include the aviation activities in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

Brussels, 27/05/08,

Since 1990, greenhouse gas emissions from EU aviation have doubled and account for an important part of the EUs total emissions.  An EU decision to include the aviation activities in the EU ETS is soon to be finalized.

– Naturally, just as any other industry sectors, the aviation sector must take its climate responsibility but instead it continues to increase its emissions in an unrestrained way, says Swedish GUE/NGL MEP Jens Holm.

The Environment committee wants to see 25% of the emission allowances to be auctioned. The revenues from the auctioning shall be used to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to the impacts of climate change in the EU and third countries. In order to reduce to some extent the burden on citizens, revenues shall also be used to lower taxes and charges on climate-friendly transport such as rail and bus.

The committee voted in favour of setting an emissions cap that is 10% lower than the emissions emitted between the years 2004-2006 and that an increased amount of the emission allowances shall be auctioned. Furthermore, the MEPs demanded that as of 2013 the quantity of allowances issued each year shall decrease in a linear manner corresponding to a reduction of 20% in 2020 in comparison to 1990. The committee also adopted a formulation by Jens Holm that Member States shall not be prevented to maintain or introduce complementary measures  that address the sector’s total impact on climate change.

In its common position from earlier this year, the Council only wanted 10% of the allowances to be auctioned and the rest to be given out for free. They proposed the emissions cap to be equal the emissions emitted during the years 2004-2006 and no further decrease as of 2013.

The European Parliament plans to go to plenary with the proposal this summer. Ahead of this very important vote, negotiations with the Council will take place.

– It is now up to our Governments to get their acts together and show the European citizens that they are serious about climate change, says Jens Holm.

Jens Holm compensates his air travel within the EU with 50 euros for each return ticket. The money goes to the organisation Climate Network Africa.
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