New findings on Artic melting

Researchers from the Department of Metreology at Stockholm university publish new findings on Artic melting in the latest issue of Nature. Erland Kjällen et al writes:

”Near-surface warming in the Arctic has been almost twice as large as the global average over recent decades, a phenomenon that is known as the ’Arctic amplification’.”

”Climate model experiments indicate that when global temperature rises, Arctic snow and ice cover retreats, causing excessive polar warming. Reduction of the snow and ice cover causes albedo changes, and increased refreezing of sea ice during the cold season and decreases in sea-ice thickness both increase heat flux from the ocean to the atmosphere. Changes in oceanic and atmospheric circulation, as well as cloud cover, have also been proposed to cause Arctic temperature amplification.”

For Swedish readers there is a good summary at Svenska dagbladet a couple of days ago.