Resolution on terrorism and Guantanamo

Yesterday we passed a relatively good anti-terrorism-resolution (fundamental rights to be respected, no infringement of personal integrity, criticism of the CIA’s rendition program, etc). What was especially good was that an amendment with a demand that prisoners released from Guantánamo be given asylum in Europe was adopted. Currently, there are some fifty prisoners who really could be released from Guantánamo, but who cannot return to there own countries because of the risk of being tortured there.

Obviously, all of the Guantánamo prisoners should be released and the  prison camp be closed (which we have demanded previously), and the U.S. should be taken before the international court. But this proposed amendment is a significant step in the right direction, and can, hopefully, lead to a decent future for several individuals who today find themselves in a desperate situation.

The text of the amendment passed (on a vote of 353 for and 321 against) is as follows:

Paragraph 6 a (new)
6a.     Asks the Commission and the Council to launch an initiative at the European and international level for the resettlement of Guantánamo prisoners from third states that cannot be returned to their countries of origin because they risk being persecuted or tortured;

The entire resolution was passed by a vote of 359 to 293, with 38 abstentions.