Report: Greenland

isberg_vatten.jpg Together with my party group GUE/NGL I went to Greenland during the last week of August 2007. The main focus of the trip was to study climate change. You can read our report here: Greenland report_GUENGL.doc (as word).

Some of our findings were:
* The Ilulissat glacier dubbel its speed 1997-2003. 35 meters a day (summer time).
* It melts 40 km3/year.
* The Ilulissat glacier sinks with 15m/year.
* It has retreated 6.5 km since 2000.
* Greenlands ice melts 350 km3 H2O/year; increase 40% 1999-2005.
* We found lakes with melting water on the inland ice.
* Bottom sea temp Disco Bay has gone up from +3 to +7 C betw. 2002-2007.
* The sea in the Disco Bay hasn´t frozen since 1996.
* Devastating consequences for fishing and traditional inuit life.
* Amount of sledge dogs in Ilulissat, decreased from 10 000 to 5 000 in ten years.
* More of unusual and bad weather (storms, high waves, coldness) since no protection from ice.
* New water bourne animal spieces (wales) due to global warming.
* Ice melts = spieces threatened (e.g polar bear).
* Ice melting = new turist possibilities – and threats.
* Ice melting = natural resources possibilities – and threats.
* 2007: The Northwest Passage ice free.