Climate Change and Developing Countries – Who pays the price?

MEP Jens Holm, member of the Environment Committee and of the temporary committee on climate change, invites you to the GUE/NGL Annual Environment Conference:

Climate Change and Developing Countries – Who pays the price?
14 June 2007, 09.30-18:30, ROOM  ASP1G3

Read the programme:  Climate Change and Dev Countr Programme.doc

The world’s poorest nations are the first to be hit and  the most severely affected by ongoing climate change – not the industrialised nations that have caused the problems for more than one hundred years through the irresponsible use of fossil fuels and the release of greenhouse gases.

Changing rain patterns, droughts and hurricanes already plague the peoples of the third world, people already struggling for survival. Climate change also risks heightening tensions around limited resources such as water and arable land, and hampers the fight against poverty.

What can the industrialised world do to remedy the problems? How can we create an effective transition of new energy technology to developing countries and countries such as China and India?

Tuesday 13/06/07, 18:00,  introduction by Francis Wurtz, GUE/NGL President, follow by a cocktail